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    After you pass through the toll house in the historic village, stop for a moment and look around. In some ways it may seem familiar and in other ways very different from the kind of town you know. The streets are not paved, there are no street lights or traffic signals. You are more likely to encounter livestock than a car.

    Now take a moment to look at your map. Notice the three differently shaded areas? You see, the village isn’t set in any one place or time period. Instead, it depicts how a small town in western New York might have changed over time during different periods in history. The best way to see these changes is to visit the buildings shown on the map in numerical order. Following this route, you can experience a century in just a day.

    As you exit the toll house turn left, the first area you come to will be “Pioneer Settlement” which depicts life in the Genesee Country from the end of the American Revolution until the coming of the canal in the early 19th century. Next, you’ll enter the “Antebellum Village,” which shows life in a prosperous small town in the decades leading up to the Civil War. Finally, at the South end of Orchard Street you will find the Victorian, Octagon, and Hamilton houses along with the Davis building all of which depict life at the Turn of the Century.

    On each building you’ll find a plaque with the name of the building, its date of construction, its map number, and the audio tour phone number. Used together, these items will give you lots of information about that building and access to interesting stories associated with it. To hear even more colorful and informative stories have a chat with one of the costumed interpreters stationed in each building.